BBQ Adventure (2.0) Day 15: Wednesday 13th May 2015 (Memphis TN)

Today I woke up a little sore, but relieved that I had completed the painting! After dedicating two full days to the painting job, the plan today is to spend time buying BBQ supplies, and a other suitcase to carry them back home!

I have been following Memphis Barbecue Supply on Facebook for some time now, and I was excited to finally visit them!

  As I walked through the door, I was bombarded with a BBQ sensory overload! I was greeted warmly by Priscilla and Mike, and they allowed me to walk around and browse!


One day we will pay this price for quality!

“I spent more than I should have”, said no BBQ enthusiast ‘ever’, but I actually did! It was worth it however, as it’s hard to get some items in the stash that I bought back home!


I had a great time at Memphis Barbecue Supply, and after buying just about half the store, it was time to buy another suitcase to fit it all in! I headed off to the local Wal Mart and purchased a suitcase, some more clothes, and two boxes of cheap golf balls!


What a great clothing brand!




Earlier in the morning I had heard from Sam and Rhiannah, my ‘family’ traveling from Australia. They had made it into Los Angeles and on to Atlanta. They we’re waiting to see if they could get standby for the flight from Atlanta to Memphis.

With my shopping completed, I decided to head back to Pattys to connect to wifi to see if they left a a message. As I hadn’t eaten yet, I called into Central BBQ on Summer Avenue just up the road, for take out.


I ate at Central BBQ last year, and I was looking forward to eating there again.


I ordered their famous pulled pork nachos, with a hot link sausage. I wasn’t disappointed, and I can see why they are world famous!

The nachos tasted fantastic, with just the right mix of pork, sauce and the gooey cheeses on fantastic corn chips!

The hot link also tasted fantastic and I wish I had ordered more! It had a great smoky flavour and a great bite!

Tonight is family night at Memphis in May. The park is not open to the public, and it is a great time to catch up with old friends with a great family atmosphere! Sadly Sam and Rhi didn’t make the flight to Memphis in time, so I went alone.


It was good to finally be back ‘home’ amongst my BBQ brothers. The booth looked fantastic, and the guys had spent a bit more for a two story booth, WOW!


It was fantastic to catch up with old friends, and we had a great meal on the deck!


After dinner, I had a great chance to walk around and catch up with the other teams.


The man himself, Chris Lilly!


Johnny Trigg!

Earlier in the evening Brett Miller, my long lost brother, competed in the inaugural Big Hog Run! He will know tomorrow if he was the winner!   

  Being the athlete he is, he went straight back into training for next year!

  I spent the rest of the evening enjoying being back amongst the whole MIM atmosphere and received the best call ever. Sam and Rhiannah had made the last flight out of Atlanta to Memphis, and we’re on their way to Pattys!

Beershot battleship, oh yeah!


Every man and his dog were here this year!


The Boofhead Smokers from Chicago were flying the Aussie flag!

It was getting close to the park closing time, so I decided to head home and catch up with Sam and Rhi. I’m looking forward to introducing them to my BBQ family tomorrow!




Someone wasn’t all that happy about MIM!

  I arrived home just as Sam and Rhi arrived, and we sat down to a coffee! It was a good end to the day.


Tomorrow is the first official day of the Memphis in May competition. The plan is to visit the Bass Pro shop at the pyramid, before heading in.


2 thoughts on “BBQ Adventure (2.0) Day 15: Wednesday 13th May 2015 (Memphis TN)

  1. What a great adventure David. You really should be a Journalist!!!! Stay safe, love and hugs, Mum x x x x

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