BBQ Adventure (2.0) Day 8: Wednesday  6th May 2015 (Mobile AL)

Today I woke up feeling a little excited! Today was the day that I would get to see the Blue Angels at their home base in Pensacola Florida!

The base was only an hour and a bit drive from Mobile and as it’s an active base, you had to show ID to enter. The weather looked great and I was hoping that practice was still scheduled to go ahead.


Walking to the flight line.

 There was no doubt that practice was happening, based on the large crowds arriving at the National Naval Aviation Museum car park!


You could hire the yellow chairs to sit on.


Front row seats!

I was lucky enough to find a spare seat on the stands and sat down ready for the show! The volunteers on the flight line provided an entertaining and informative commentary.


This lady was fantastic!


Here they come!


 The Blue Angels came out in two seperate formations. Aircraft 1-4 were the diamond formation, and aircraft 5 and 6 were the solo formation.

The diamond formation took off first, then the solo’s. All I can say is WOW, what a show!   

Tight formations!


That was close!


Smoke on!


Performing the fleur de lis!


   The ‘practice’ was fantastic, probably the best air show I’ve seen! After the show the pilots head back to the museum for autographs. So did everyone else!


Navy pilot in training!


Blue Angel One!



There are two tables for autographs. The first line is for aircraft 1-4, and the other for 5-6.


Blue Angels lead pilot.


C130 ‘Fat Albert’ pilot.

 I purchased a poster to get signed and lined up with everyone else waiting. By the time it was signed at the first table, the line to the second was closed off! Not to be outdone, I asked someone in the line if they wouldn’t mind getting it signed for me. Persistence pays and my poster was signed by all the pilots, winning!


That’s my poster!


Thank’s mate!

With the practice complete, it was time to explore the museum.


  The museum consists of the main building, with an upper and lower area filled with exhibits from the early days to World War 2. Hangar Bay One has modern displays including Marine One!   

Baa Baa Black Sheep!


Packed with planes!

I decided to have some lunch at the Cubi Bar Cafe. It is basically the whole Officers Club relocated from NAS Cubi Point in the Philippines! 

It had a great atmosphere and the walls are filled with all of the original wooden squadron art from the base!


I ordered a Chilli soup, Subic Bay Steak panini and finished with Key Lime Pie! All of it tasted fantastic, with great service as well!


Chili without mince, nice!


Cubi selfie!


All of the bread is made fresh, including this panini!


Small serving but just enough to keep me happy!

With a full belly, and the museum closing soon, I headed over to hangar 1. 



Excuse me, Mr President!

  I had a great day at NAS Pensacola, and would recommend it to anyone interested in aviation history! I enjoyed looking into the history of the Black Sheep squadron VMF 214.

   Driving home I reflected on what was a fantastic day! I even managed to find my way ‘home’, despite the efforts of the non confusing street signs!


The plan tomorrow is to get some BBQ from The Brick Pit, visit the USS Alabama Memorial Park, and then have dinner at Felix’s Fish Camp! Let’s see how I go!



2 thoughts on “BBQ Adventure (2.0) Day 8: Wednesday  6th May 2015 (Mobile AL)

  1. Fantastic Dave looks like your having a blast, I will sign a poster for you when you return,
    Regards….. Ice Man.

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