BBQ Adventure (2.0) Day 7: Tuesday 5th May 2015 (Huntsville AL to Mobile AL)

 Last year, my adventure was primarily focussed on BBQ . I tried to get to as many places and experience as much of the BBQ culture as I could. 

This trip is still focused on BBQ, and in planning, I had a week between WhistleStop in Huntsville and The Memphis in May event in Memphis!


Farewell my old friend!

Along with BBQ, my other passion is aviation. Today the plan is to drive from Huntsville AL to Mobile AL, stopping at Tuskagee AL, the home of the Tuskagee Airmen Museum.

The drive went well and arriving at the airfield, I felt like I was driving through the gate back in the 1940’s!


Nothing much has changed!

This airfield was the training ground of the all African American 99th Fighter Squadron, known as the Tuskagee Airmen. They later flew in the European theatre as bomber escorts and were known as the ‘Red Tails’.


Last year when I visited Graceland, I had felt a connection! I had the same feeling about this place, you almost feel like you were there during the period, getting ready for action! 




Life was hard for these airmen as highlighted during a great movie explaining the squadrons history and hardships. The Tuskagee airmen fought hard both overseas and at home for freedom! They ended up winning a double victory, which paved the way for equality in the armed forces at the time!

   The museum is run by the U.S. National Parks, and is well maintained. 

This field was a hive of activity during the war, and was used to provide basic flight training. Known as the Tuskagee ‘experiment’, over 10 000 people passed through it’s gate!



I could have spent longer there if I didn’t have a three hour drive ahead of me! The fact that the base hasn’t changed much in all these years, made the trip special!

Flight simulator ‘old school’!


The tea shop!


Hangar one hasn’t changed much!

As I hit the road, I thought I would try out the sun roof! 


Nice plane shot!


Sun roof selfie!

  I was enjoying the sunny day when all of a sudden I looked up to this! I hope it wasn’t caused by me, oops!


After avoiding any disaster, I finally made it back to the I 65! Montgomery was the focus of the civil rights movement in the sixties, there were signs all around!

Feeling peckish, I decided to stop for a late lunch. I wanted to tick Denny’s off my list, so I called in.


I had to wait a while just to be seated!


I ordered the ‘Super Bird’ sandwich with onion rings from the menu. There was nothing super about it, and I can gladly say that I no longer need to visit another Denny’s!


Nothing nice about this!

It was late afternoon when I arrived into Mobile, and it was a welcome relief to finally arrive. I find it hard to stay alert when driving long distances. Probably due to my weird sleeping pattern, staying up all night!


Lot’s of water to cross!


  Although a little tricky to get to, my accommodation was OK. 

Just like Huntsville however, it had no coffee!

Luckily there were plenty of places within walking distance that served coffee!




Sadly I didn’t find any BBQ places within walking distance, so I settled on a Zaxby’s restaurant. Zaxby’s serve chicken tenders, wings and sandwiches.

I ordered a chicken sandwich, wings and garden salad ‘to go’! The best thing about the meal was the Samuel Adams beer, $8.00 a six pack! Back home they sell for $20.00!

I’m not sure if it was because I had it to go or not, but everything seemed soggy! The wings were also small and seemed to be not freshly prepared!


Not much love!

 With dinner done, I Skyped home and then got reacquainted with my friend Mr Adams!

Tomorrow I plan to visit Pensacola FL, home of the Naval Aviation Museum and the Blue Angels! They practice on a Tuesday and Wednesday depending on weather, and I’m looking forward to watching them in action!



2 thoughts on “BBQ Adventure (2.0) Day 7: Tuesday 5th May 2015 (Huntsville AL to Mobile AL)

  1. If i knew you hadn’t been to deneys before i would,of recommended the skillet and the strawberry milkshake. Best milkshake lve ever had

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