BBQ Adventure Day 19: Sunday 18th May (Memphis TN to Augusta GA)

It was hard waking up today, knowing that my BBQ Adventure was coming to an end.
The next few days of my BBQ Adventure, were planned for my relaxation, before flying home!


The plan today, is to drive from Memphis TN, to Augusta GA.
Along with BBQ, I also love golf, and have always wanted to see the home of The Masters, Augusta National Golf Course!
The drive is planned to take around eight hours, with favourable traffic!


I had a quick look at the door closer that I fixed for Patty, just to make sure it hadn’t broken again!


Staying with Patty, has been like a home away from home and I’m sure she will miss me, as much I I will miss her and her fantastic house.


I woke up early, had my regular cup of coffee, and then had my photo taken with Patty and old mate, Elvis!


It was raining quite heavily and not very pleasant, so I took it easy driving. It pretty much rained the whole time, and at one stage I couldn’t see ahead of me.


I normally have been struggling to stay focussed and awake when driving long distances. Today, driving the longest distance yet, I felt wide awake.



I took advantage of this and I thought that I could make the trip on one tank. Unfortunately, I had to stop about 100 miles out of Augusta to top up, probably due to all the trucks hogging the road!


The drive itself was quite boring, and to fill in time, I was already planning my next trip in my mind, this time it will involve less driving!



I arrived at my accommodation in Augusta, and after settling in, I decided to try and get a look at Augusta National golf course.


I set the GPS, and I drove straight past the main gate! I couldn’t believe that the gate is on a busy road.
I only knew where it was, by watching a group of golfing fans run across the road to take pictures.


After taking whatever photos I could get, I headed back to the accommodation.





It turns out that you can only buy Masters merchandise, the week of the event.
The only way you can purchase anything out side of then, is to pay double the price from anyone who bought it during the event, to then sell later.


It was the end of a very long and tiring day, and after a quick bite from the Scottish American chain, it was time for some sleep.

The plan tomorrow is to search for a place in Augusta that sells Masters merchandise and also to try and get a game of golf in.
I will then drive to my last stop before Atlanta, Charleston SC, to visit Fort Sumter. This was the place where the first shots of the American Civil war were fired.


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